The Elizabeth Winterbottom Team

New Jersey Transit station poster campaign

Having worked for this Keller Williams Premier Properties regional real estate team for many years, beckercomm came up with a unique and inviting train station posters tailored to the main towns they serve in Northern New Jersey.

While two very different campaign headlines and visuals at each station the message is on the same strategy. “We’re Your Neighbors” features the whole Team posed with house warming gifts and “We Know Your Stop” features only the founder of the group located in a well known central location for some of the important communities they serve.

All posters document the local town that each Team member lives in.

They begin their run in early October 2023.

Vote For Millburn

Committee to Elect Stoller & Saccomandi to Millburn Township Committee

These two experienced business executives, but novices  to politics, had major concerns/issues about their important, close to NYC, town we all live in. The Democrats had decided to support two of their incumbents desiring to run again. Our candidates switched parties making the point that in local political parties are not as relevant.

The candidates asked us to help create a platform and media strategy. beckercomm generated a unique internet domain name,, that was short hand for the non partisan battle cry for all materials. We preceded to create ads, video commercials, banners, printed handouts, a fully fleshed out website, 700 lawn signs and a 5,000 word unique 8 page newspaper dedicated to the issues plus offering potential solutions.

As New Jersey has a strong Democratic population, so does Millburn/Short Hills Township. Becker took the 1972 expression “all politics is local” literally – the logo is blue not red shaped like an American flag and the themeline is 

“Don’t vote for party. Vote for yourself, your family, your kids. Vote for Millburn” 

November 7th, 2023 we find out if the non-partisan approach worked in a heavily Democratic area.

The People’s Health Clinic, Park City, Utah

People’s Health Clinic is a volunteer-driven, community supported non-profit clinic providing high quality, no cost healthcare to uninsured residents near Park City Utah. The agency created a modest change to organization’s name, crafted a totally new logo and added a three word theme line that is used everywhere in English and Spanish. You can see the new look and feel in posters used in fund raising events and on the new website that launched in October of 2022.

Dearborn Builders

The agency created a totally new branding and communications program for this top luxury home builder close to the Atlantic Ocean in Ocean and Monmouth County, New Jersey.

The new positioning line “Built for Life”  means built for your lifestyle and built to last for generations. The launch ad  was a color full page in The New York Times Magazine section on December 13, 2015. That same day a new website launched. Local ads and signage on their fleet of 14 trucks and heavy equipment all have the new positioning line and the new logo.

To see a unique GoPro drone video of a spectacular home go to YouTube and put  Dearborn Builders into the search window or go to their website. The client’s offices are located in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

SoFresh, Inc.

The agency launched a website for a remarkable new product that can “positively save food”.

Our clients, with decades of packaging experience, developed an all-natural “secret sauce” for this unique and important product. The audience for this B2B product is food producers, wholesalers and retailers.

We named the product coverings/containers that retard mold in bread, berries, cheese, SoFresh. The domain is easy to remember and relevant:

The theme line/mission statement we created is:  We Positively Save Food.

SoFresh is committed to mitigating food spoilage. Their team is dedicated to fighting food waste in the US and throughout the world.

The FAQ section is quite interesting and educational. One of their advisor investors is Bill and Melinda Gates and their Village Global Foundation.

Masterwork Chorus

Our firm just recently created a whole new branded website for Masterwork Chorus. Not only are they a wonderful chorus with a rich and long history but they also have the privilege of returning each year to the world famous Carnegie Hall to perform the Messiah.

The Masterwork Chorus has over 100 voices. Founded in 1955, the mission is simple, direct and meaningful. The non-profit chorus is dedicated to enrich, delight and support the cultural life of the community through high-quality inspiring choral performances.

The site is located at

Envision Inc.

Our agency worked with this good size non profit based in Wichita for 4 months on overall rebranding and in particular  their all important new website.

Envision was founded in 1933 in and is now one of the largest employers in the nation of individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Our team created their new and invaluable theme or positioning line used on the website and on all materials.
Envision the Possibilities

We also wrote mission or positioning copy, added photos to what they already had and advised on the website front page and all other pages.

The new site, was launched in September 2021. It’s a wonderful organization with an important history of helping the blind and visually impaired.

Michaelian & Kohlberg

Over the years, we have produced catalogs, ads and also the website for this international company that designs, manufactures, imports, distributes and retails its line of high end, hand-knotted and hand-dyed carpets. They also carry antique rugs and furniture, as well as accessories.

NY Lifespring LLC

The agency created all of the elements for this unique website that seeks to match women who cannot or should not conceive children using their own eggs with healthy, well-balanced, young women who wish to donate.

Winterbottom Homes

The agency has created many image ads for this top New Jersey real estate agent, Elizabeth Winterbottom, since 2006.

Elizabeth is associated with national real estate firm Keller Williams Realty and works from their Summit and Short Hills, New Jersey offices.

Each ad is unique and special and her continuing theme line is, and has been, “The art of buying and selling homes.” Her biggest image ad ran in an issue of The New York Times Magazine section as a color full page message. It invited New Yorker’s, considering moving to the towns she represents in New Jersey, to call and come out for a tour. To help get the point across,  Elizabeth was photographed standing right in the middle of the George Washington Bridge.