Vote For Millburn

Committee to Elect Stoller & Saccomandi to Millburn Township Committee

These two experienced business executives, but novices  to politics, had major concerns/issues about their important, close to NYC, town we all live in. The Democrats had decided to support two of their incumbents desiring to run again. Our candidates switched parties making the point that in local political parties are not as relevant.

The candidates asked us to help create a platform and media strategy. beckercomm generated a unique internet domain name,, that was short hand for the non partisan battle cry for all materials. We preceded to create ads, video commercials, banners, printed handouts, a fully fleshed out website, 700 lawn signs and a 5,000 word unique 8 page newspaper dedicated to the issues plus offering potential solutions.

As New Jersey has a strong Democratic population, so does Millburn/Short Hills Township. Becker took the 1972 expression “all politics is local” literally – the logo is blue not red shaped like an American flag and the themeline is 

“Don’t vote for party. Vote for yourself, your family, your kids. Vote for Millburn” 

November 7th, 2023 we find out if the non-partisan approach worked in a heavily Democratic area.