About the Mission

beckercommunications mission is short, sharp and sweet. It is summed up in three little words THINK, BLINK, WINK. A little explanation might be in order.

THINK: Solid strategic thinking based on years of marketing experience with key brands from major companies to new brands from emerging companies.

BLINK: More than ever, the medium is the message. Everything is moving faster including our minds say geneticists. Communications still must be focused, relevant, inspired, impactful while credible.

WINK: Execute creatively and with passion but always with the realization that time is short, life is good, living should be fun.

Further thoughts:

While our current clients tend to be small to medium size we treat them as if they are  high quality, fast growing, American based companies. Through objective advice and counsel on communications, the firm focuses on the public’s perception of the client’s company at the most macro level. The goal is always with an eye toward the potential market capitalization or the value of the company be it private, considering an IPO or a public company seeking more market place recognition for its reason for being. This requires inspired strategy, passionate execution, agnostic media pathways with communications delivered in one seamless voice.