An example of our philosophy

Our philosophy has been Think, Blink, Wink for quite some time. Here is interesting piece from an issue Ad Age about the Blink part. Ad Age even had an online poll to find out if readers felt this idea could fly. I thought it was interesting since we believe in “Blink”

Assessing the Potential of One-Second Radio Ads

BACKGROUND: Clear Channel, the country’s largest operator of radio stations, is discussing the idea of one-second radio spots with marketers and media buyers. Called “Blinks,” the new format is being promoted as something that could be used between music tracks by, say, McDonald’s to play part of its “I’m lovin’ it” jingle or Intel to play its chime or NBC for its bells between music tracks. Clear Channel VP-Creative Jim Cook says the one-second format is part of an effort “to find new uses of radio for advertisers who are continually asking us to demonstrate that our medium can successfully extend brands, can successfully reach the consumer with touchpoints that are new and surprising.” Critics suggest the format is likely to fit a very small number of advertisers and is too restrictive for meaningful creative. What do you think?

AD AGE’S QUESTION WAS: Do you think one-second radio ads will catch on?