About the Company

There are four gigantic worldwide marketing holding companies and as many as 20,000 other firms of all sizes. What makes this firm different?

beckercommunications practices what it terms market cap marketing – This is a dedication to marketing and branding that is preoccupied with the goal of increasing the client’s bottom line and the potential market capitalization be it a company that is private, considering an IPO or a public company seeking more market place recognition for its reason for being. This requires inspired strategy, passionate execution, agnostic media pathways with communications delivered in one seamless voice. Integrated services are in branding, advertising, graphic design, web design and public relations. After 26 years at Young & Rubicam, mike becker formed the agency in Short Hills, New Jersey & NYC in 1998.

The agency is composed of senior marketing and creative talent with offices in Short Hills, New York City, support on the West Coast and strong public relations partners in New York City.

The firm was originally formed to support Bill Bradley in his run for President and now represents a limited number of clients where the working relationship is a senior level within the company.

beckercommunications has special areas of interest. These are: brand building communications, relationship marketing (or one-to-one marketing), branded Internet websites, Institutionalized Word of Mouth (viral marketing) and Earned Media (public relations).

Mike Becker is President, Chief Creative and Marketing Officer and Katherine Becker is the Business and Office Manager. See these full bios and the bios of other team members under Team.