Katherine Becker – business office manager, media, production

Katherine BeckerKatherine is the sounding board for everything and is usually right on. Talk to her and it’s done or on the way. Katherine not only handles all financials for the small agency but also media and production. Background: Born in Versailles France, Katherine grew up in New Jersey and went to work for Worthington Corporation after graduating from high school at 17. She became an Art Director then Art Supervisor for Worthington. Katherine graduated from Kean University and holds a degree in accounting. She was the first women President of an Art Directors Club in America. Katherine graduated magna cum laude at 35 from Kean College with a BS in accounting while raising three children now grown with families of their own. She served as President and board member for The League of Women Voters of New Jersey as well as serving as President for a time. She was a founding member and served as Vice Chair of The Women’s Fund of NJ and held many board positions of the 60-year-old, 100 person, Masterwork Chorus.