Kathy Schlein – MBA business strategist

Kathy SchleinKathy Schlein served as Executive officer of Apple Computer Inc. Ms. Schlein began her career with Apple Computer on the original Mac team where she worked with master evangelist and best selling author Guy Kawasaki. At Apple, Ms. Schlein was responsible for building a community of software developers to support the Mac platform.

She served as Vice President of Research & Development of Hasbro.

Today Ms. Schlein spends her time serving on the boards of several leading consumer businesses and non-profits. Ms. Schlein serves as Director of LogoWorks, Arteis Inc.
and Stance.com. Currently she is consulting for a very well established and well known medical research institute.

Ms. Schlein received her Bachelor of Arts degree in American History from the University of Pennsylvania and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Ms. Schlein’s twins attend the University of Pennsylvania and she lives and works in Park City, Utah and San Clemente, California.