Dean Hollander – strategic marketing

Dean HollanderDean Hollander, marketing branding strategist, has worked with small to large companies to effectively realize marketing results. He founded Involve, Inc. in 1999 and sold it to NASDAQ company Kintera in 2003. He served as VP of Strategic Partnerships for two years helping the company build alliances, break into new markets, and develop strategic marketing opportunities. Since 2005, Dean has worked with beckercommunications and their clients and independently consulted companies including BP, Electronic Arts, Hollywood production companies, non-profits and ad agencies. His expertise is overall strategic marketing, leveraging new media technologies, effective brand building and unique partnerships between companies. After getting a BA from Tufts University and an MA in Writing and Directing of from The American Film Institute in 1996, Dean directed and produced a number of commercial videos, optioned the rights to various literary properties and successfully sold film and television projects to major studios. Dean, his wife and two young children lived and worked for us from San Francisco and now they are on the east coast in Connecticut.