David Fogle – senior art director, designer

David FogleNot one but two degrees in Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design. Dave is very strategic, highly creative and blink-fast. He has a great mind and is great at details too.

Dave went straight into graphic design in the 80’s and traditional print design. Now he keeps pace with all the new technologies and is well versed in all forms of production including the web.

Dave also teaches college workshops in Internet technology and web design. Dave is a highly talented creative designer and art director whether creating logos, design books, exhibition booths, annual reports or a total advertising campaign. He is highly creative and highly strategic.

Over the past 18 years working with beckercommunications, Dave has created and produced some of the best work. Whatever the project, he always has a sense of style and flair.

Dave, his wife and two teenage sons live on the West Side of New York City. Golf is a hobby but he wishes he only had the time for more of it.