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Located in Beijing, 3rd ranked among Internet commerce company in China in terms of popularity and transactions. eGuo-Marts take orders via phone and net and deliver goods within the hour from eGuo-Marts. Agency has given marketing consulting advice for six years.

Buy Ambien Us Pharmacy

Interactive “smart toy” company in Silicon Valley conceived for the 4 to 11 year old market. Work consisted of name generation, logo design, mission statement, video production, product marketing and event marketing for Toy Fair. The company was financed by Paul Allen.

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Created new corporate identity and icons for the web site, mission statement and a marketing theme for this successful travel site.  company has been in business since 1995 and works with 40,000 hotels, 300 airlines, 60 car rental companies, rail passes, cruises.

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This was the agency’s first assignment. We helped build the team of Madison Avenue All Stars. Work consisted of helping to create strategies, concept statements for research, theme and execution exploration. We designed the original logo and contributed to the message writing.

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The Agency helped found this innovative web design and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) company and created the company name, URL, logo, mission statement, and theme line (“Engage, involve, spread the word”). Involve was profitable with solid clients when it was purchased by NASDAQ public company Kintera. Involve worked for these firms before they were purchased by the public company Kintera- People For The American Way – International Fund for Animal Welfare – Grand Circle Travel – Overseas Adventure Travel – National Wildlife Federation Portal  – Earthwatch Institute –  Sesame Workshop – Thompson Financial

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Premier real estate company in 24 markets serving New Jersey, Palm Beach and Martin Counties in Florida. Agency work consisted of fine-tuning the company mission, strategic branding, development of advertising in various media and website design work.

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Global medical device company engaged in the development, of products for breast and facial aesthetics and obesity intervention. We created a value proposition and designed and produced annual reports for this NASDAQ company which was purchased for $3.2 billion by another public company named Allergan.

Buy Phentermine Tijuana is a San Francisco based portal web based organization serving 30 million Americans who wear or ever wore a military uniform. Before the launch, the agency created the logo, theme line, mission statement – then 300 billboards, magazine/newspaper ads and posters highlighting the unique services of this online community. Public company TMP purchased them.

Cheap Xanax From Mexico

Buy Real Adipex 37.5

Union County Orthopaedic Group – Created year long branding and multi media campaign for this 30 year North Jersey medical group of orthopaedic doctors. Media included direct mail, local and regional newspaper, 14’x48′ billboards and a website. The theme:  Get Better Here.

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The agency has created many image ads for this top New Jersey real estate agent, Elizabeth Winterbottom, since 2006.  Elizabeth is associated with national real estate firm Keller Williams Realty and works from their Summit and Short Hills, New Jersey offices. Each ad is unique and special and her continuing theme line is, and has been, “The art of buying and selling homes.” Her biggest image ad ran in an issue of The New York Times Magazine section as a color full page message. It invited  New Yorker’s, considering moving to the towns she represents in NJ, to call and come out for a tour. To help get the point across,  Elizabeth was photographed standing right in the middle of the George Washington Bridge.

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The agency created a business and marketing plan for this top regional architect. Their new website was launched in 2015 including all copy and design. The agency also has created small space color image ads for this highly creative architectural firm for almost a decade. Years ago, when the agency was creating Klesse’s first website, we renamed the firm changing it from Klesse Associates to Klesse Architects.

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The agency created the first branded website for this extremely high quality flavors and fragrances company that has been family owned since 1893. The agency also created the value proposition or vision statement for the worldwide firm, consisting of flavors, fragrances, essential oils and aroma chemicals. It is summed up with: WE CREATE EMOTION. The vision statement sets the tone:

We create emotion. We appeal to the senses. Substance, form, content.
Creativity, art, science. Flair, class, focus. Drive, passion, dedication. We like it this way, as do our clients.

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This a b2b client. We created a new logo for this Atlanta based company and launched their new website in 2009. The parent company White-Conveyors is over 60 years old. They design and manufacture conveyors used in laundries, hotels casinos, prisons. We created their positioning lines and a YouTube video for their specialty home conveyor wardrobe closet product.

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Buy Generic Diazepam Uk

Our assignment was to rename and totally re-brand this high quality vineyard. Once that was completed we created  a totally new website for this  vineyard owned by a well known West Coast family since 1976. The agency also created new wine labels and continues to host the website. The vineyard is located right in the middle of Napa Valley on rich, wonderful, productive land. The wine is very good. Sip it slowly.

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Buy Xanax Craigslist

CanDo Fitness Clubs – The agency created a totally new website for this upscale group of fitness clubs located in Short Hills, Princeton and Edgewater, New Jersey. The agency created the new positioning line YOU CAN DO, did all of the design and copy and took a dozen of the photos used. The site is more than 80 total pages and helped to bring in many new clients. The owner eventually decided to sell the chain of fitness centers to a large medical fitness corporation.

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Buy Ambien Paypal

Our philosophy has been Think, Blink, Wink for quite some time. Here is interesting piece from an issue Ad Age about the Blink part. Ad Age even had an online poll to find out if readers felt this idea could fly. I thought it was interesting since we believe in “Blink”

Assessing the Potential of One-Second Radio Ads

BACKGROUND: Clear Channel, the country’s largest operator of radio stations, is discussing the idea of one-second radio spots with marketers and media buyers. Called “Blinks,” the new format is being promoted as something that could be used between music tracks by, say, McDonald’s to play part of its “I’m lovin’ it” jingle or Intel to play its chime or NBC for its bells between music tracks. Clear Channel VP-Creative Jim Cook says the one-second format is part of an effort “to find new uses of radio for advertisers who are continually asking us to demonstrate that our medium can successfully extend brands, can successfully reach the consumer with touchpoints that are new and surprising.” Critics suggest the format is likely to fit a very small number of advertisers and is too restrictive for meaningful creative. What do you think?

AD AGE’S QUESTION WAS: Do you think one-second radio ads will catch on?

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beckercommunications partners on assignments with several high quality, experienced, award winning firms. In public relations, the firms are located in New York. The PR firms have clients that run the gamut domestically and internationally from small private firms to Fortune 500 public companies. beckercommunications has worked with top commercial film directors for years and has up and coming documentary videographer stars who are located close by and have worked with us for years.